“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore”

– Andre Gide –


Along the years, since my childhood, during a very successful career in the corporate world of technology, I have always been fascinated by art.

Since thousands of years, in the Lascaux Caves, or later the hieroglyphs of the Pharaohs world, the Italian Renaissance, the Impressionism of Monet and the Surrealism of Magritte, art has been present continuously. Art has deeply contributed to the evolution of mankind.

When I decide to paint a seascape, a flower, a tree, a field of flowers or a lake, I take time to stay a long time on site, absorbing the impressions, the smells, the images that the place offers me. I immerse myself in the moment and try to transfer my feelings on paper when back home in my studio.

Even if I painted oil and acrylic artworks, I love watercolor painting technique the most. I love its inherent challenges, the fluidity of it, the partnership between myself, the water, the pigments and the paper. I love “the white is the paper”….

I invite you to check out of my paintings in person. It’s always a pleasure to meet and answer questions. If you end up loving a piece, every artwork is available for purchase on line through this website or in person at art shows.

Come and see for yourself at one of my future art shows and festivals.