Born in a small village in Belgium, I like to describe myself as an American with European roots, very happy to live in the magical San Francisco Bay Area.

Self taught, I have been drawing and painting for more than 30 years. During that time, I have been able to combine my passion with a very successful international business career.

During those years, I had the opportunity to work in 29 different countries. I have seen beautiful and iconic places that have printed indelible memories in my mind, becoming the subjects of my artwork.

Even if I recently started oil and acrylic painting, my preferred and most praised medium is watercolor. I like the spontaneity of the technique, less being often more, the interaction between the water, the paper and the pigments. I like the challenges of painting in “reverse” when the white of clouds or waves need to be reserved as the paper itself.

Virtually all my paintings have water as subject or included in the subject, often the Pacific ocean, but also a river in Holland, a lake in Finland, a marsh in Belgium, a lighthouse in Ireland, gondolas on the Gran Canale in Venezia… and much more…

Last year, I was featured in the KRON 4 Morning news. Please have a look at my work in the following pages.

Wishing you a great visit!


My artwork consists essentially of watercolor paintings of different sizes. I love to paint “waterscapes” i.e. seascapes, lakes and rivers. I bring this work to shows and Festivals of Arts, both in original format and also in the form of limited edition of 5 giclees for the most recent paintings.

Additionally, I regularly exhibit my latest work at the Gallery 337 Mirada Art in Half Moon Bay on the West Coast.

Lastly, I started to create birch veneer wooden TV trays with an image of my paintings laminated over the wooden basis. These unique trays turned out to be a very successful item, combining a day-to-day houseware piece with an image of a recent vacation or iconic place. Great way to start a conversation among visiting friends. Or simply very unique gifts.


At the first stage of this journey, I create an original painting of an iconic place from around the world such as Lake Tahoe, Yosemite National Park, the West Coast of the US, Gondolas at rest in Venezia, the Kinderdijk Windmills in Holland, sunsets on Maui, Hawaii, and many more…

Once the painting, most usually watercolor, is ready, I take a high resolution photo or scan of it and send the file to a company in Sweden, who is specialized since 1952 in producing wooden products for artists like myself.

From the file I sent, their team generates a film of the painting that they laminate with pressure and heat on eight or ten 0.008 inches thick layers of birch veneer, supplied from a sustainable forest in Finland. The wood fibers of the layers are positioned at 90 degrees of each other, resulting in a plywood-like product which will never warp or change its shape, making my trays very different than trays in plastic or metal. The corners of each individual tray are manually adjusted, making the trays unique.

The wooden tray, very light, durable and totally waterproof, can be easily cleaned with a wet sponge of towel.

The trays are unique by the way they are handcrafted and by the copyright I own of the original painting. They make an ideal gift for weddings, memories of special places, mural decoration, serving drinks or meals on a piece of art,…

The goal I pursue with the different variations of my work is to offer a variety of ways to share my work, and to address the different tastes of people appreciating art in different forms.